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6 Dates Through Mar 06, 2022

Peter Pan's Wendy is at the center of the poignant, magical play  Lost Girl, opening Feb. 25 at ARC Theatre

It is ten years since Wendy and the Lost Boys returned from Neverland, yet Wendy still struggles to find her footing in Lost Girl, by Kimberly Belflower.  In a refreshing turn on the beloved story of Peter Pan, Wendy Darling is at the center of this magical play.  The show opens at American River College Theatre Feb. 25 for six live performances (ending Mar. 6).  Recordings of the show will stream Mar. 11-13.

Set in the here and now, this story of Wendy and the "Lost Boys" feels achingly familiar.  Every character must, in some way, find a way to embrace their post-Neverland world. For Wendy (played by remarkable newcomer LiLi Young) that means releasing the memories of Peter Pan, and the joys of childhood and first love he represented so well.  Fortunately, the people in Wendy's present are able to show her that growing up can be a truly positive experience... often because of the new connections to be found.  That simple truth—that the connections we form with other people bring purpose and pleasure to our lives— is at the heart of the play. It is something that speaks directly to the youth of this 2022 world, especially teens and 20-somethings who have suffered so much from the loss of connection forced by pandemic restrictions.

Although Belflower's poetry-like dialogue eloquently reflects the hearts of young women, the wisdom in this play speaks to all ages and genders.  From Wendy's mother who struggles to reach her distant daughter to the now-grown "Lost Boys" who truly wish Wendy could let go of the past, each character on stage offers lessons on the beauty and challenge of fully experiencing life.  In the end, the story empathizes with those who have loved and lost, offers strength to those who need the courage to embrace change, and encourages the cynical to look at life through a more magical lens.  With its extraordinary cast of diverse young actors, and costumes and a lighting designs by Elly-award winners Gail Russell and Kathy Burleson, Lost Girl will provide an evening of theatre that lingers with audience members well after the lights have faded to black.

Live performances will be at American River College's Stage 2 Theatre, 4700 College Oak Drive, Sacramento. Masks and proof of vaccination are required.  Parking is free next to the theatre at the corner of College Oak and Myrtle.  For live or online/digital tickets and more information, go to, or call (916) 484-8234.


American River College Theatre Presents

Lost Girl (run time: 90 minutes)

By Kimberly Belflower

Directed by Tracy Martin Shearer

Live Performances

    Fridays/Saturdays Feb. 25-26 & March 4-5 at 8pm

    Sundays Feb. 27 & March 6 at 2pm

Streaming Online

    Fri, March 11 at 8pm through Sun, March 13 midnight

    (Access streaming tickets in the other Ticketleap listing for this show.)

All Tickets: $10

Ticketleap Fees:   $1 plus 2% per ticket.  (Max $1.20 per ticket)

Ticketleap ticket sales are stopped 2 hours before each performance.  Ticketleap may put up a message saying the performance is sold out.  But tickets will still be available at the door.

Run Time:   1 hr: 30 minutes.

For questions, please email the ARC Theatre Box Office at [email protected]

To view Lost Girl Notes and Program info (after Feb. 27), click here Lost Girl Program and Notes




No Refunds.  If you can't attend the live show, we can exchange your ticket for the filmed online streaming performance with closed captioning.  Email the Box Office at [email protected].

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